Public Groups Area

Group Name Group Description
391 Task Group on Economic
391 Task Group on Environmental
391 Task Group on Integration
391 Task Group on Social
391.1 General Sustainability Assessment Criteria for Professional Services
ACA PCR for Architectural Coatings
Advisors to Public Drinking Water Equipment Performance Certification Program
BIFMA Chairs Work Group
BIFMA e3 Work Group 0
BIFMA Work Group #1 - Environmental Impacts
BIFMA Work Group #2 on Health and Wellness Impacts
BIFMA Work Group #3 on Social Impacts
BSC Task Group on Annex E This group will review the langauge that was added to this annex for content and editorial corrections. The group may also add language as needed to this annex. This includes location in a room for a cabinet.
BSC Task Group on Class I and III The group is charged with updating the scope of the standard to include Class I and III biosafety cabinets and explore performance, field testing, adn certification for consistency.
BSC Task Group on Membership Maintain membership balance and assist with recruiting and mentoring new members.
Carpet Task Group on CARE 10.2.3
Carpet task group on Energy
Carpet Task Group on LCA
Carpet Task Group on Total Points
Certification Council
DWA Lead Subtask Group on Section 8 Variability
DWA Task Group on Carbon Tetrachloride
DWA Task Group on Concrete Aggregate
DWA Task Group on Conformity Assessment
DWA Task Group on End Product Use
DWA Task Group on Extraction Water Chemistries
DWA Task Group on HAA5 in Hypochlorite
DWA Task Group on Lead
DWA Task Group on Table 3.2
DWTU Sub-Task Group on 244-3
DWTU Sub-Task Group on Mechanical Technologies
DWTU Task Group Cyanotoxins
DWTU Task Group Lead
DWTU Task Group Microbial Water Treatment
DWTU Task Group NSF/ANSI 58
DWTU Task Group on Higher Lead Influent
DWTU Task Group on Informational Annex- Regulator's Guide
DWTU Task Group on Nitrosamines -Extraction Testing
DWTU Task Group on Nitrosamines Claim
DWTU Task Group on NSF 42 Taste and Odor Claims
DWTU Task Group on UV Disinfection
DWTU Task Group Shower Filtration
DWTU Task Group Uranium Requirements
ELSS Task Group 1-4
ELSS Task Group 11 - LCA & GHG Emissions
ELSS Task Group 12 - End of Life
ELSS Task Group 13 - Corporate Responsibility
ELSS Task Group 5 - Energy Efficiency
ELSS Task Group 6 - Substances of Concern
ELSS Task Group 7 - Preferable Materials Use
ELSS Task Group 8 - Product Packaging
ELSS Task Group 9 and 10 - Design for Repair, Reuse and Recycling
External Review - ETV Ballast Water Group External Review - ETV Ballast Water Group
External Review for Mechanical Plumbing
External Review for Plastics Policies
External Review for Wastewater Treatment Policies
FE Task Group Dispensing Equipment
FE Task Group Food Equipment Fabrication
FE Task Group Food Equipment Materials
FE Task Group Food Shields
FE Task Group Hot Food Equipment
FE Task Group Mobile Food Carts
FE Task Group Mobile Food Units
FE Task Group NSF/ANSI 12
FE Task Group on Kiosks
FE Task Group on NSF/ANSI 5
FE task Group Warewashing Equipment
GOJO PCR for Hand Sanitizers
HBE Task Group on Environments & Products
HBE Task Group on Toxicology
HFF Task Group on Emergency and Risk management
HFF Task Group on Staffing
HFF-Task Group on Operations
JC on Prevention of Injury and Disease Associated with Building Water Systems
Joint Committee on BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability
Joint Committee on Biosafety Cabinetry
Joint Committee on Chemicals and Processes Information
Joint Committee on Dietary Supplements
Joint Committee on Dimension Stone
Joint Committee on Drinking Water Treatment Units
Joint Committee on DWA - System Components
Joint Committee on DWA - Treatment Chemicals
Joint Committee on Environmental Leadership Standard for Servers
Joint Committee on Food Equipment
Joint Committee on Food Processing Equipment
Joint Committee on Generally Recognized as Safe Publicly Available Standard
Joint Committee on Glossary of Sustainability Terminology
Joint Committee on Health and Fitness Facilities
Joint Committee on Health Based Emissions
Joint Committee on Natural Personal Care
Joint Committee on Organic Personal Care
Joint Committee on Pharmaceutical Excipients Committee for development of GMP for pharmaceutical excipients
Joint Committee on Plastics and RV plumbing components
Joint Committee on Public Drinking Water Equipment Performance
Joint Committee on Recreational Water Facilities This is the Joint Committee for NSF/ANSI 50 Equipment for swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, and other recreational water facilities.
Joint Committee on Residential Equipment
Joint Committee on School Equipment and Supplies
Joint Committee on Sustainability Leadership Standard for Photovoltaic Modules
Joint Committee on Sustainable Carpet
Joint Committee on Sustainable Flooring
Joint Committee on Sustainable Roofing
Joint Committee on Sustainable Textiles
Joint Committee on Sustainable Wallcoverings
Joint Committee on Wastewater Technology
Joint Committee on Water Sustainability - Products
National Center for Sustainability Standards
NPC Task Group on Calculations
NPC Task Group on Definitions
NPC Task Group on Scope
NSF/IEEE Joint Task Group for Environmental Standard for Servers
OPC Task Group Confidential Business Information
OPC Task Group on Calculations
OPC Task Group on Chemical Processes
OPC Task Group on Commercial Availability of Organic Ingredients
OPC Task Group on Definitions
OPC Task Group on Labeling
OPC Task Group on Product Composition
OPC Task Group on Scope
PCR ACA Resinous Floor Coatings
PCR BIFMA Committee
PCR Concrete
PCR Countertops Committee
PCR Flooring Committee
PCR GANA Flat Glass
PDWEP Task Group on Installation Annex
PDWEP Task Group on RO Systems
PDWEP Task Group on UV
Plastics Task Group on Components for Earth Energy (Geothermal) Systems
Plastics Task Group on Rework Materials
Public Comment Period - NSF 453 Cooling Towers
Public Comment Period - Regenerative Organic Certification
Public Comment Period 391.1 General Sustainability Assessment Criteria for Professional Services
RWF Filters ad hoc on Crypto credit for log reduction
RWF Filters ad hoc on Filter media
RWF Filters ad hoc on Filters Annex
RWF Filters ad hoc on Precoat testing
RWF Filters ad hoc on Turbidity Reduction
RWF Sub Task Group on Regenerative Filters SPE 2008-4 Issue Paper
RWF Task Group on Ancillary Equipment
RWF Task Group on Chemical Feeders SPE 2006-20 Issue Paper This group will review comments recevied at the 2008 JC meeting and draft language for JC approval based on the issue paper and comments.
RWF Task Group on Chlorinators
RWF Task Group on Flotation Systems
RWF Task Group on Green Requirements SPE 2008-3 Issue paper The proposal is for the task group to work with USGBC relating to construction sites.
RWF Task Group on Heaters and Heat Exchangers Heater Evaluation relating to recreational water facilities- possible inclusion of performance criteria for review by the Joint Committee.
RWF Task Group on Materials This task group will investigate inaccurate readings or product failure related to poor water treatment and circulation.
RWF Task Group on Pool Chemical Evaluation
RWF Task Group on Salt Water This group will be reviewing the affects of "salt water" on various components related to recreational water facilities.
RWF Task Group on Vacuum Pressure This group is charged with reviewing and discussing the pressure filters above grade relating to collapse.
RWF Task Group on Water Quality Testing Devices This task group will continue to improve on the section of the standard relating to Water Quality Testing Devices.
SES Task Group for Carpeting and Flooring
SES Task Group on A/V Equipment
SES Task Group on Emissions
SES Task Group on Furniture
SES Task Group on Materials Safety
SR Task Group on Section 5 This group will review Section 5 in the draft standard.
SR Task Group on Section 6 This task group will review section 6 of the draft.
SR Task Group on Section 8 This task group will review section 8 of the draft.
Standards announcements
Sust Water Chem Task group on distribution
SW Task Group Wallcoverings
Task Group on Nanomaterials
Technical Committee on Biosafety Cabinetry
Technical Committee on Environmentally Preferable Products
Textiles Task Group on Water and Energy
WSP Task Group on Corporate Governance
WSP Task Group on Durability and End of Life
WSP Task Group on Innovation
WSP Task Group on Product Manufacturing
WSP Task Group on Suppliers
WWT Task Group on Additives Investigate if a standard for additives is necessary for wastewater.
WWT Task Group on Alarms
WWT Task Group on Definitions
WWT Task Group on Field Performance Evaluation This group is discussing the field performance criteria to be developed.
WWT Task Group on High Strength Wastewater
WWT Task Group on NSF/ANSI 350 Work to adapt the EPA Guidelines to on-site wastewater and stormwater treatment systems for onsite water reuse.
WWT Task Group on NSF/ANSI 385
WWT Task Group on NSF/ANSI 40
WWT Task Group on NSF/ANSI 41
WWT Task Group on Nutrient Reduction Technology This standard is now NSF/ANSI 245-Wastewater treatment systems - Nitrogen reduction. This group will review issues related to the standard as they arise.
WWT Task Group on Open Cell Bottom Technology This group was formally known as the AdHoc OCBTech and has converted to a full task group under WWT
WWT Water Use Sub Task Group on Rainwater and Stormwater