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Comment #12499: Clarification of Manufacturing Process

  • 1.  Comment #12499: Clarification of Manufacturing Process

    Posted 04-11-2024 03:22 PM
    Theodore (Chad) Harbour added comment "Clarification of Manufacturing Process" to the document "61i179r1 - Brass - JC Memo & Ballot.pdf" in the "Joint Committee on DWA - System Components" group.

    Subject: Clarification of Manufacturing Process
    Category: Substantive

    As noted in the JC Memo, the testing program associated with this proposal was specific to samples of brass "rod".  I believe the intent is providing approval for the listed alloys specific to that manufacturing process only.  Alloys C89833 and C89835 can generate rod through a "continuous cast" process, but they are also commonly used for green sand castings. 

    I am not finding language in the proposal that clarifies the scope of acceptance includes "rod" processes only.  


    I would like Mr. Estelle (submitter on behalf of CDA) to confirm whether my outline above accurately represents "rod" as it relates to their testing and, if so, provide some additional language to clarify the associated manufacturing process in the proposal.  A general statement could be added in Section N-2.2.2 or the column "Standard (product) reference" in Table N-2.3 could be utilized to specify the forming process where it is not dictated by the associated ASTM standard.  

    Comment Number: #12499
    Submitter: Theodore (Chad) Harbour
    Date submitted: 2024-04-11 19:21:47
    Status: new
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