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    Posted 05-26-2023 02:31 PM
    Submitter's message Please note that a new version of this document has just been published. NSF employees will be able to view it in MasterControl (document #2395); others can use the link below. Thank you for your contributions to this document! -- Amanda Zeoli Document Name : NSF/ANSI 173-2022: Dietary Supplements Description The purpose of NSF/ANSI 173 is to serve as an evaluation tool for analyzing dietary supplements. Certification to this Standard serves as a communication tool between manufacturers of ingredients and finished product, retailers, healthcare practitioners, and consumers. This Standard provides test methods and evaluation criteria to allow for the determination that a dietary supplement contains the ingredients claimed on the label, either qualitatively or quantitatively, and that it does not contain specific undeclared contaminants. In some instances, validated laboratory methods are not yet available for analyzing certain ingredients. In such cases, new methods will be added to this Standard as they become available. Download Latest Revision Submitter : Amanda Zeoli Group : Joint Committee on Dietary Supplements Folder : Standards Date submitted : 2023-05-26 07:30:46 Revision : 13