Joint Committee on Vaccine Storage

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    Posted 07-12-2018 06:07 PM
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    Hello Everyone,   Attached is the latest comment file with TG suggested responses. Please review all the TG suggested responses in the far right column. They are each labeled “DATE – Use TG –“ or “DATE – Temp Var TG –“ the responses up for JC discussion are all comment since the last JC meeting. If there are no objections to the responses they will be considered accepted by the JC and will be changed accordingly in the standard. Please make sure you do read these because I do not want to have a response that was made in June not have any objections in July therefore considered passed only to have someone vote negative on it at the publication ballot because they didn’t voice their opinion in July.   Thanks, Rachel   Rachel M. Brooker Standards Development Liaison, Health Sciences NSF International ISO/TC249 US TAG Administrator Email: rbrooker@xxxxxxx Phone: 734.827.6866   Attachment: Collected Comments on Draft Vaccine storage dated 07-12-18.docx Description: Collected Comments on Draft Vaccine storage dated 07-12-18.docx