Joint Committee on GMP for Over-the-Counter Drugs

  • 1.  455-1 Ballots Open

    Posted 10-13-2023 10:56 AM

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to let you know that the 455-1 ballots you recently voted on have passed. I have listed them below. We have one open issue on 455-1 that all JCs will discuss at the annual meetings in December. This standard is due for publication in March so we should be able to incorporate the last open issue before we publish. 

    455-1i2 Scope, Ref, Def (passed)

    455-1i3 - Purity (Open issue that will be discussed at the December meetings.)

    455-1i4 - Dietary Supplement (passed)

    455-1i5 - Batch and Lot (passed)

    455-1i7 - Serious adverse event (passed)



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