Joint Committee on Sustainability Program Document for Architectural Coatings

User & Public Health Representation

  • 1.  User & Public Health Representation

    Posted 09-13-2023 10:23 AM

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you to everyone who has already voted on the current open ballot. If you have not voted, please remember to log on and vote. I am reaching out today though to ask for your help increasing our user and public health members. We are critically low on those categories. I am very happy to reach out to anyone but I will need suggestions. We have industry applicants must be waitlisted due to an imbalance in our members. If everyone could reach out to two or more people that fall into a user or public health category or email me two or more suggestions and I will reach out to them within the next two weeks I would greatly appreciate it. 

    Public Health / Regulatory: A member who is from a public agency.
    •Academic or educational institution
    •Not-for-profit organization
    •Professional public / environmental health / safety organization
    •Research institution

    User / Consumer: A member who purchases, uses, or specifies materials, products, systems, or services covered by the scope of the standard(s) under the purview of this committee. A member who represents an organization that provides for-profit services covered by the scope of the standard(s) under the purview of this committee.

    •Certification organization or test laboratory•Consultant•Consumer

    •Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) expert


    •Training provider

    •User of products or systems

    •User / consumer trade association (or representative)

    Thank you,

    Rachel Brooker Standards Development Liaison
    Standards Development Liaison
    734-827-6866 Standards Development Liaison