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Comment #12288: Should only be in 53

  • 1.  Comment #12288: Should only be in 53

    Posted 01-29-2024 04:12 PM
    Ms. Margaret Bicking added comment "Should only be in 53" to the document "42i128r2 et al - Manganese - JC Memo & Ballot.pdf" in the "Joint Committee on Drinking Water Treatment Units" group.

    Subject: Should only be in 53
    Category: N/A

    It would probably be too confusing or misleading for most consumers to have it have it in both 53 and 42. It should only be in 53.

    Copper and fluoride are on both the primary and secondary EPA contaminant lists .  Both copper and fluoride contaminant claims only appear in 53, and 58.


    This would be consistent with how we claim health contaminants that also have an aesthetic claim.



    Only have the claim in Standard 53

    Comment Number: #12288
    Submitter: Ms. Margaret Bicking
    Date submitted: 2024-01-29 21:11:53
    Status: new
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