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DWA TG on Expected Detections is Seeking Additional Task Group Members

  • 1.  DWA TG on Expected Detections is Seeking Additional Task Group Members

    Posted 04-22-2024 02:12 PM

    Good afternoon,

    Please see the following message from the Expected Detections Task Group Chair, Kristin Kerstens.

    Hello DWA Joint Committee Members and Observers,

    The DWA Task Group on Expected Detections was formed at the 2023 JC Meeting with a charge to determine any standard guidance that can be added for evaluating products that will have formulation-dependent analytes detected under laboratory conditions. This TG will consider the impacts for both Standards 60 and 61. 

    At this time, the TG is seeking additional task group members from manufacturers that have specific knowledge of how their products perform in the field compared to laboratory testing conditions, and drinking water operators that monitor drinking water contaminants.  These additional members are needed to advise on whether a listing note could be applied to standard requirements to monitor for residual levels of drinking water treatment chemicals. If you would like to volunteer to participate in the task group, please let the task group know and respond to the doodle poll with your availability on the proposed dates and times. Your involvement is highly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Kristin Kerstens

    Amy Jump (She/Her)
    Standards Lead, DWA Joint Committee Secretariat
    313-426-4918 Technical Writer